The Brief

  • To launch the first phase of Omaze’s global expansion - building the brand outside its country of origin to become the number one fundraising platform in the UK and beyond.

  • Drive ticket sales for the Omaze Million Pound House Draw

  • Attract a new audience of donators, celebrities, brand and media partners to achieve significant commercial growth in UK

  • Build Omaze’s profile, reputation and influence in the UK to help it become the first company to give $1b to charity in a single year


  • Dispelling any scam misconceptions for a very sceptical media in the UK

  • Explaining exactly how the model works simply and with total transparency

  • Launching during the most unprecedented time in modern history

  • The global pandemic caused major disruptions across all news outlets at its peak, leaving little editorial space non-covid stories



  • Due to the global pandemic OGPR’s original approach for the launch campaign had to be adapted to overcome unprecedented challenges

  • Despite these challenges, the campaign to date has achieved pieces over 350 pieces of coverage during a seven-phase media campaign including 30+ articles in national newspapers print & online, a six-page feature interview with Matt Pohlson, CEO in the Telegraph Magazine and two-page interview with Penny Lancaster in the Mail on Sunday

  • Omaze have already exceeded their initial targets and are expanding across the UK as well as into new international territories

The Brief

  • Launch DataSparQ and showcase how it’s innovative use of A.I. can solve big business as well everyday consumer problems in real world scenarios

  • Position DataSparQ as synonymous with A.I., thought leaders in this sector and establish their point of difference

  • Generatebusinessleadsandcommercialgrowth


  • Zero media awareness of the company and its proposition

  • CrowdedA.I.marketplaceandestablishingapointof


  • Concerns over privacy, how the data would be used and

    fears it would lead to job losses

  • Product not market ready



  • The story broke worldwide in two phases - with more than 500 pieces of print, online and broadcast coverage from major news outlets in more than 25 countries across five continents

  • DataSparQ interviews on The One Show, LBC, talkRADIO, RTL, Associated Press + also made Today programme, Loose Women, the front page of The Times, page 3 Daily Mail and Evening Standard, as well as The Sun, Metro, Mirror, Telegraph

  • New business and sales conversions for DataSparQ

  • Put them on the map as industry leading pioneers in the A.I sector

The Brief

  • Promote Forest Road Brewery’s door-to-door pints service “Tactical Beer Response Unit” to help them sell thousands of pints worth of dead stock during lockdown 

  • Position Forest Road Brewery as being the saviors of the lockdown draught beer drought and the best independent brewery in London and beyond

  • Generate orders and sales



  • Low media awareness of the company and zero for this proposition

  • Shooting content and arranging interviews during lockdown

  • Very quick turnaround required


  • The story broke worldwide - with more than 600 pieces of print, online and broadcast coverage from major news outlets in more than 15 countries across four continents

  • Coverage continued to appear throughout lockdown

  • Founder Pete Brown did interviews with Reuters, Sky, BBC, ITV, LBC,  talkRADIO, Associated Press

  • UK nationals including The Sun, Metro, Standard, Time Out, Hot Dinners - as well as pieces ranging from the New York Times to ABC news in Australia.

  • The mobile tactical beer response unit was booked out for the next month within two hours

  • Thousands of online orders generated

  • The van even delivered freshly poured pints to a very grateful Sun news desk

  • Put FRB on the map as the most innovative independent brewery in London and beyond

The Brief

  • Drive sales by creating media awareness for Tom Clinch and its menswear range, with a particular focus on the boxer shorts

  • Generate coverage at the front end of newspapers by devising and revealing unique insights into British men’s consumer behavior - highlighting just how infrequently men buy new pants

  • Emphasise the innovative pouch design of the boxer shorts



  • Low media and industry awareness of the company

  • The retail market in particular being one of the industries hit the hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic

  • A small independent company in a very crowded market



  • The story broke nationally in The Sun, The Times, Daily Express, Daily Star, Mailonline, Heart FM and talkSPORT

  • Coverage continued to appear after the initial hits – with Henry Deedes writing a full page column about in the Daily Mail as well as several other news sites picking it up including MSN - meaning the story went across the globe as far as India and Australia 

  • The company received an unprecedented amount of orders the day the story broke – with daily orders still significantly rising post story

  • Put Tom Clinch on the map as an innovative new menswear brand

The Brief

  • Launch a world first military grade disinfectant spray VIRUSEND developed in conjunction with the British Army 

  • Position VIRUSEND as a vital part of the COVID solution protecting the army on the ground across the UK

  • Highlight the patented, environmentally friendly, recyclable and re-useable technology

  • Work with key partners – the MoD, the Army, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, National Institute for Health Research

  • Drive sales online

  • Attract commercial partners and stockists



  • Three-month delay to get approval from the MoD and the Army

  • The Army weren’t allowed to give us a quote of endorsement

  • Launching during the Xmas period



  • The story broke with 20 x national and regional hits in print and online including the Sun, Daily Telegraph and Metro

  • VIRUSEND secured significant, large scale orders from multiple new clients including major retailers

  • Established VIRUSEND as the World’s best disinfectant spray

The Brief

  • Generate positive media exposure to help Medic Bleep raise £1.5 million in new investment

  • Articulate Medic Bleep’s pioneering approach to medical communication to showcase why it’s such a crucial tool in this sector

  • Showcase the many benefits Medic Bleep will have on the NHS – including improved care and efficiency and long-term money saved etc

  • Build its profile, reputation and influence in the UK to help Medic Bleep achieve its target of 30% of the NHS Market within the next four years



  • Low media awareness of the company and its proposition

  • Technology only in use on a limited scale at this stage

  • Tackling any scepticism surrounding the “why not use WhatsApp for free instead” question

  • Reclaiming ownership of this space post Matt Hancock’s bullish announcement about replacement of NHS pagers



  • The story appeared nationally and in key regions in two phases – campaign launch and then the addition of BT as a partner

  • Coverage in The Sun, Evening Standard, Sunday Express and key investor media – Merger Market

  • Continued outside investment in the brand

  • Put them on the map for saving time and improving efficiency in the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Brief

Launch new Bear Grylls show Hostile Planet on Fox’s National Geographic channel


  • Very congested space as Bear had already launched higher- profile Netflix show and Our Planet also had a high-profile launch in same month

  • No access to Bear himself

  • Show had already launched in US a month earlier


  • Celebrity attended premiere screening

  • Made national print and online in Daily Mail, The Sun,

    Daily Mirror, The Star, Sunday, Express, Evening Standard

  • Large social media interactions from celebrity and influencer attendees

  • Show achieved its target viewing figures

Arts & Entertainment

Publicist work for some of the most exciting artists in contemporary art - Profiling themselves, their exhibitions, collaborations and high-profile collectors.

Highlights including front page of The Evening Standard for a Chemical X show and many profiling interviews with Hayden Kays in national newspapers including front cover of FT Money and features in The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, The Independent and Daily Mail

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