We make you newsworthy

We find and tell newsworthy stories that articulate a brand's identity and proposition.

We then create an enticing media package which will genuinely engage with potential consumers, clients, investors and partners  

What to say and where to say it

Every client, understandably, has a lot to say about themselves – so knowing what to showcase and what’s simply self-serving - is crucial to how you tell your story

That’s why we get the message right first, then utilise the most relevant and effective media channels to generate impactful exposure

We’re here to help, not spam journalists

We put your narrative through our news filter – imperative to ensure that what you say is relevant, interesting and can withstand media scrutiny

Next, we create newsworthy content that helps alleviate the pressures on journalists - giving them informative, topical and thought-provoking material for their readers

Modern-day audiences are smarter and savvier than ever

That’s why only the most engaging and relevant stories resonate with them - and why we ensure your story has what it takes to influence consumer opinions, behaviour and decision-making


The impact of editorial eclipses advertorial - every time


Audiences truly relate and engage with editorial as it carries more authenticity, influence and kudos than advertorial – and at fraction of the cost

That’s why we harness the power and sincerity of earned media to build brand awareness, raise profiles, attract customers, stimulate commercial growth, help manage crises, encourage investment and bring industry recognition for our clients

The three steps to coverage

We listen to your brief, create a bespoke strategy and activate it through our “black book” of media and industry contacts 

What - and who - you see is what you get


Two highly-experienced, innovative (albeit slightly gnarled) PR experts, who don’t over complicate the process and deliver genuine results 


PR doesn’t have to be a dirty word 

We’ve cut through the unnecessary self-promoting pomp and piffle to ensure we spend our time building your profile and growing your business 

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